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Helideck Monitoring System


The Helideck Monitoring System is used to analyze helideck motion during helicopter landings to improve safety in hostile weather conditions. The HMS 100 monitors helideck attitude and vertical velocity, wind speed and direction, air temperature and barometric pressure and presents this information to indicate landing conditions. The HMS 100 is typically used offshore on floating production and storage vessels (FPSO) and seismic vessels.

Installation Flexibility

The motion reference unit MRU, with the aid of selected lever arms in the set-up procedures, enables total installation flexibility. The unit can be installed at the helideck, on the bridge or at any other suitable location on the vessel, the lever arm software makes it possible for the operator to set up the measuring point to be precisely at the centre of the helideck.

Helideck Monitoring System Features 

  • Real-time presentation of roll, pitch and heave amplitudes
  • Max. heave rate presentation
  • CAP 437 motion data presentation
  • Meteorological data acquisition and presentation available
  • Selectable time window presenting motion statistics
  • Light panel with landing light indication on the helideck
  • Trend analysis of vessel characteristics.
  • Selectable logging facilities of up to 13 different parameters
  • Rack mounted Video Display Unit and Computing Unit.
  • Selectable motion sensor input
  • Check and verification
  • Ethernet
  • 48 hours logging capability according to new regulations
  • Electronic transmission of data using Ethernet
  • Check and verification module and procedures